How does it works

The Standard VideoEye has opened doors to vision for many thousands of customers. It is simple to use and effective in basic magnification. Simply turn it on and let the autofocus function be in charge, delivering a clear magnified image of whatever you put under the camera.

The Standard includes the patented articulated VideoEye arm. The camera is essentially floating above the work surface, and is simple to interact to and maneuver. It also extends over the user's lap to aid in work.

We provide Standard VideoEye. Standard VideoEye with a 32" screen, which can deliver up 25x power. Magnification levels are easy to alter by raising or lower the camera.

The system also comes with the mirror attachment so that you are able to see yourself grooming.



Vivid HD900 Vivid HD900 is the top VideoEye magnification technology. It produces a realistic image that's so perfect and natural that we refer to it as Real Life HD. It's difficult to believe it can be as impressive.


The HD300 comes with a built-in light to provide illumination. The high-definition image quality is exceptional. The photos are extremely accurate and authentic.


You'll be amazed when you magnify family photos and other photos using the HD100. You will see the detail you can't see without high-definition magnification.


VideoEye is the recipient of many great compliments and letters throughout the many years. The following is an example. All of the comments in this article are authentic and were only modified to allow for space.

We have not revealed the full names of the people who commented in order to safeguard their privacy. individuals.The main purpose of this blog is to show the improved quality of life that is frequently achieved by people who have impaired vision by through video magnifying.

It is also impossible to know how many people will benefit and those who cannot. This is why it is crucial to informing those with poor vision to try the VideoEye for a test period.